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Britain Nepal Chamber of Commerce (BNCC) organizes activities to help businesses deliver their goals, to become aware of opportunities and to promote their interests within the relevant business communities.”

Formed in 2014, we are committed to adding value through active management. As an independent organization we assist companies and associations translate ideas into actions. For us, being proactive is more than just finding opportunities for our member. It is also important how we communicate our views to build a long standing partnership between us and our members.

As societies become global in their outlook, the constraints of geography, culture take a backseat and people sense a coming together of civilizations. The last decade has seen rapid growth of the internet which has heightened the awareness that nation states are interdependent. However it is also true that cultural peculiarities persist and traditional values enrich people’s lives. We anticipate a future in which our two nations coming even closer through business relations and augment each other’s economy.

BNCC embraces Nepalese living in the UK whose exposure of international business can benefit their compatriots in Nepal. We take pride in what we do and care passionately about the quality of the services we provide. We have in our ranks people who having worked in different parts of the world and have gathered knowledge over the years. We generate dialogue across the business communities and our commitment is to empower our members to make better business decisions.