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Why You Should Join BNCC


BRITAIN-NEPAL CHAMBER of COMMERCE ("BNCC" or "the Chamber") is an independent organisation of companies and associations, wishing to increase the level and quality of trade between Britain and Nepal and to assist other people who intend to initiate or foster business between Britain and Nepal.

The Chamber is increasing awareness of the opportunities for trade with Nepal, so that the Economy of Nepal is less dependent on aid, and one slogan of the BNCC is "Trade not Aid".

The Chamber enjoys a close relationship with the Britain-Nepal Society, which is interested in the non-business aspects of British Nepalese relations. We share many members in common.

BNCC wishes to co-operate with DFID, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK Trade and Investment (DTI) in the UK, the British Embassy in Kathmandu, and the Nepal-Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Chamber is represented on the Council for Foreign Chambers of Commerce in London.

The Chamber embraces Nepalis in Britain whose experience of international business can benefit their compatriots in Nepal. It seeks to publicize the ideas and recommendations put forward by members and supporters which might contribute to a positive inflow of foreign currency for Nepal. This in turn can improve the balance of payments and strengthen the currency of Nepal.

An award is offered each year for the best proposal for increasing trade in Nepal from a student member of the Chamber (under the age of 25) and associate membership of the Chamber is available to both Nepalese and British students .

The Chamber's executive committee usually meets on the first Wednesday of every alternate month and organizes four general meetings per annum at which a guest speaker might talk about an aspect of Business and general discussions take place. This enables the members present to meet and talk to the other individuals and corporate entities interested in business opportunities within both Nepal and Britain.

A list of corporate members will appear on this website and the individual members can be listed if they specifically request this (along with their specialist sector of business e.g. Accountant, Estate Agent, Finance, Food, Drink and Restaurants, Insurance, Leasing, Solicitor, Travel and Leisure).

Where there is shown to be a potential benefit to either the British or Nepalese Economies, the Chamber aims to assist the Nepalese community in Britain as well as British businesses wishing to establish or already established in Nepal. The interchange of information and ideas is intended to be of mutual benefit to both economies.

“ If you wish to do business in Nepal, joining the BNCC is a worthwhile investment! ”

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