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Encouraging aspects of Nepal's small but developing economy are as follows:-

  • Population 26 million people
  • Area 56,827 sq miles, compared with Great Britain 94,000 sq miles
  • Transport - increasing number of independent airlines operating in Nepal
  • Telecommunications - an excellent telephone service
  • Geographical location - between India and China, two of the fastest growing economies
  • Climatic range - from coldest to hottest
  • Greatest Bio-diversity - potential 'garden' for the region
  • Hydro Electric potential - probably greater than any other country / continent
  • Spectacular tourist attraction, For more information visit: http://www.welcomenepal.com
  • IT skills
  • Manufacture of high quality carpets / garments and other products
  • Remittances from Gurkha soldiers and other non-resident Nepalese For more information visit: http://www.thegurkhamuseum.co.uk & http://www.nrn.org.np

If your company would like to do business with or in Nepal we would strongly recommend that you join the Chamber - the first step in building relationships with the business community there.